- Jeg hadde ikke regnet med å fotografere nakne ungdommer for National Geographic da jeg skulle utforske hvordan millenniumsgenerasjonen bruker nasjonalparkene.

- Men etter å ha fått tilsendt dusinvis av bilder fra folk med rumpa til kameraet i fantastiske landskap, som inviterte meg til å bli med på tur, skjønte jeg at dette var et instagramfenomen verdt å utforske.

Det skriver fotograf Corey Arnold på Instagram i forbindelse med publisering av fotoreportasjen "Can the Selfie Generation Unplug and Get Into Parks?".

Fenomenet som billedliggjorde seg i innboksen til Arnold er bevegelsen #getyourassintonature - en parallell til det norske fenomenet #naking.

Den unge mannen bak er fotograf og student Aidan Weltner fra natur- og fjelldelstaten Montana i USA. Han startet kontoen @getyourassintonature som i løpet av sommeren nesten har tredoblet antall følgere, fra 27.000 i mars til 76.000 i oktober.

Let's talk about adventure. Why do certain people thrive on adventure? Why do some people feel more comfortable and protected when they don't know what's going to happen next or what's around the corner? Or, why do some people on insist on making themselves more uncomfortable by not knowing what's going to happen next, or what's around the next corner? Is it a desire to transcend an existence in this world where everything is supposed to have an answer? Is it simply an exercise in trying your best to make life as sweet as it can be? Do people seek adventures to have an appreciation for life? I don't know the answer, but today is a slow rainy day and these are the kinds of things that I think about on days like today. What do you think? I want to hear your thoughts. // Here is another family member finding the joys of #getyourassintonature (PS. My family is fucking dope!) // "The tranquility of this moment was perfect but it wasn’t until after the sun went down that our adventure really started. Let’s just say it was not exactly a zen moment being charged by two big moose in the dark on our ski back to the car! But that is what getting your ass into nature means to me – you are fully surrendering to all that nature is, all that is greater than you (moose included!), it reminds you how important it is to be vulnerable. Getting your ass into nature encourages you to tell your story courageously and to live with your whole heart. And that, to me, is one of the greatest things in the world." // John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, WY // #getyourassintonature

Et bilde publisert av Get YOUR Ass Into Nature (@getyourassintonature) tirsdag 14. Juni. 2016 PDT

Til nettsiden attn: forteller Weltner at han håper profilen kan hjelpe folk til å se annerledes på sin nakne kropp.

- Alle i verden, bortsett fra noen få unntak, har en rumpe. Jeg tenkte på alle de sosiale problemene vi har, og hvordan de kan imøtekommes ved å komme seg ut i naturen og kle av seg.

Se også: Slik hylles norsk natur på Instagram

Han oppfordrer alle over 18 år (og som oppfyller disse kravene) til å sende inn bilder.

Målet er å forandre hvordan vi forholder oss til nakenhet.

Det skorter ikke på bidrag. Weltner får tilsendt så mange at han nå bare publiserer bilder som kommer med en eksepsjonell historie for å sikre at det er et større poeng med bildene enn bare "Oi, se! En rumpe i naturen".

Nedenfor finner du en del bilder av rumper i naturen mennesker som får oss til å huske hvor storslått naturen er, og at hver og en av oss bare er et ubetydelig sandkorn på universets strand:

"Borders... whether physical, mental, or emotional, are concepts that we create, but don't truly exist in reality. The borders and boundaries we have created that now serve as the "norm" of society; separating humans in our most raw form from nature in its rawest form, is a paradox that has always puzzled me. In spaces of sweet surrender, I can be raw, I can expose my purest form of self and co exist with mother nature with no borders. In my mind and heart, this is the definition of free. Free from judgement, from criticism. I can be what I've always been and always will be, a part of the earth." // @taylorisbright // #getyourassintonature #waterfallwednesday // side note: If you're in the Bozeman, MT join us for the 2nd annual largest #getyourassintonature group photo ever. Link in the profile!

Et bilde publisert av Get YOUR Ass Into Nature (@getyourassintonature) onsdag 19. Okt.. 2016 PDT

Rolling into the weekend like... // welcome to all the new followers and thanks to @natgeo for the shoutout and @arni_coraldo for hanging out with us all! A little note to those new to this community. I don't tolerate disrespectful, predatory messages to women or men who have been featured on the page. If you choose to do so you will be blocked and prohibited from this page. I also do not tolerate negative talk in the comments. All body types, colors and sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged to contribute to this community! If you have a problem with this, leave or I will block (or publicly humiliate) you. This page is littered with naked butts but it's focused on stories and experiences. If you have one to share please check out the link in the profile send it over! If I have not responded to an email you sent asking to contribute please go back through the link in the profile. I lost a few hundred emails recently. // Anyways here I am ripping some muddy sections of trail this afternoon naked (not recommended). Cheers to all and I hope you've got some plans to get outside and enjoy nature's splendor this weekend! If you're in the Bozeman, MT and you want to participate in another group photo like the one on @natgeo hit up the link in the profile and sign up! // @aidanweltner by @rusty_shackelford69 // #getyourassintonature

Et bilde publisert av Get YOUR Ass Into Nature (@getyourassintonature) torsdag 20. Okt.. 2016 PDT

Embrace everyone and everything with open arms // Emerald Lake, Necklace Valley, Skykomish, WA // #getyourassintonature

Et bilde publisert av Get YOUR Ass Into Nature (@getyourassintonature) tirsdag 23. Feb.. 2016 PST

“It's hard for me to describe what nature is to me because it's all I know! Ever since I was a kid, my family and myself have been camping and participating in outdoor activities. I spearfish, kayak, hike, free climb, etc. Nature and energy are constant, and they always will be. The outdoors is my safe place. It's extremely diverse and indescribably beautiful. Moments like these are apart of me. I know I will remember this day for a long time. After I stripped down, I felt almost completely relaxed more than anything. It's almost as if I was apart of the forest. People believe that your body will go numb due to the cold, but it was actually my mind that went numb. Perhaps it was the serene location we were in, or maybe, it could've just been the cold. However, my feelings of nature are demonstrated through my picture. Man should be one with nature.” // #getyourassintonature

Et bilde publisert av Get YOUR Ass Into Nature (@getyourassintonature) tirsdag 10. Mai. 2016 PDT

This just got taken down. Not sure why? It's a great story and a great image. So, I'll just post again. 🖕whoever reported it // “I love the outdoors, being outside and being active is a kind of therapy for me. Experiencing the beauty of nature makes me happy and appreciative. As far as being naked in nature, it gives off an even greater feeling of freedom and expressiveness. In order for anyone to take off their clothes in an open, public area reveals a sense of confidence with yourself. Confidence is a key to happiness that I believe a lot of people lack, but shouldn’t! It is so important to be confident with your body because then confidence within will follow. Seeing other asses in nature should insure people that it is okay to express yourself in whatever way makes you happy. I participated in the annual naked bike ride in Portland, Oregon for the first time last summer. Thousands of naked people gather and form this unity in protest. Because everyone is naked, there is nothing sexual about it but rather a way to express your beliefs and unite. I think this event portrays the idea that being naked should not make people vulnerable or shameful, but rather confident and equal.” // Dubrovnik, Croatia // #getyourassintonature

Et bilde publisert av Get YOUR Ass Into Nature (@getyourassintonature) søndag 03. April. 2016 PDT

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